Each year thousands of good boys and girls write a letter to Santa Claus with their Christmas wishes. The big guy is quite busy this time of year, as you can imagine, and is looking for some help answering letters. He has enlisted the help of the U.S. Postal Service.

USPS Operation Santa gives folks the opportunity to read through letters from kids all across the country with their Christmas wishes.

Here's how it works:

1. Visit uspsoperationsanta.com
2. Look through the letters until you find one that you really connect with.
3."Adopt" the letter.
4. Go shopping! Find something the child wishes for or if they didn't ask for anything specific then you can pick.
5. Wrap it! Be sure to keep the gift anonymous since it's from Santa, after all.
6. Ship it! The USPS Operation Santa website will provide you with a shipping label. Be sure to use that. Prepare postage and bring your package to the nearest Post Office that is accepting gifts for USPS Operation Santa. Check here.

Starting on December 4th they're offering an option to adopt as a team. Perfect for an office or a family.

The website allows you to set a budget as well so no worries if a kid asked for an Xbox and you have a budget for a new coloring book. You can also help kids in your area as you can search via location (which helps with those shipping costs, too!).

So do something a little extra for someone in your community alone or with a group! Or pick an area in the country that's close to your heart and send a gift there as well.

Keep the Christmas magic alive with USPS Operation Santa!

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