If you have looked at buying a used car or truck recently, one of the latest trends in the used car industry is virtual car dealers.

You do a search online for a used car and you are sure to run into traditional brick and mortar car dealers that we all are pretty much familiar with. You find a car online at a dealership that you like, you go to the dealership to check it out and test drive it, then if you are still interested, you sit down with a sales rep and depending on the dealer, you may meet, and speak with several different people in the dealership to secure financing, and then perhaps warranties, etc.

As of late there is a new kid on the block, and that is the virtual car dealers where almost everything is handled online. Companies like Vroom, Carmax, CarLotz, and one that is growing pretty fast is Carvana, where you can buy the car, get it financed, and have it delivered to you, or to one of the vending machine "hubs" where you go to pick it up.

According to a report by Mainebiz, Carvana has bought a site on route 1 in Woolwich and will be opening one of their car vending machine hubs there within the next few months, located at 126 U.S. Route One, that use to be home to BFC Marine but is now vacant.

This new Carvana used car hub will serve customers from Bangor to York.

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