Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, died on March 5 this year and the word from the acting President of the county was that his body would be put on permanent display in the states capital, but those plans have changed. Ernesto Villegas, the Information Minister said the initial plans have changed because of the difficulty of having the procedure done.

Chavez’s body would have to have been shipped to Russia to have the embalming done but the Russian medical commission said the body would have to remain in his country for at least seven or eight months and the embalming would be quite difficult. Seems the problem is they waited too long, if the decision were made earlier it may been able to have been accomplished.

The acting President of Venezuela is Nicolas Maduro whose idea it was to put Chavez’s body on permanent display but after the report from the Russian medical panel, embalming was ruled out.  Chavez died of cancer at the age of 58. Venezuelan elections are scheduled for April 14th.