This post is originally from the winter of 2021 / 2022.

Clearly, with the warm weather we've been having you DO NOT want to go onto the ice in Maine right now...  And when it is cold enough, please use caution.

Original post follows...


One of the great things about living in Maine are the natural wonders that our great forests hold.  Majestic waterfalls, caves that contain ice until the middle of summer, and pristine lakes that are perfect for fishing.

Recently, a TikToker from Maine had an amazing experience while he was ice fishing.

As he stepped out on an unnamed Maine lake, he noticed something strange.  Even though it was thick enough to walk on, the ice was not the normal milky-white.  Instead of being opaque, the ice was completely clear.

The poster, who uses the TikTok handle @TerrenceDaigle, continued to walk.  At one point, when the depth of the lake was about twelve feet, he stopped to admire a large rock.  Some would call it a boulder.  Based on water depth and how large the boulder was, he estimated that it was "the size of a VW beetle"!

Take a look at his video:

@terrencedaigle #maine #icefishing #207 #clearice ♬ original sound - Terrence Daigle

Terrence, thanks for sharing this cool phenomena with us.  And, good luck on your ice fishing adventures.

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage everyone to use proper safety when on Maine's lakes, ponds, and rivers.  Please make 100% sure the ice is thick enough to support your weight before venturing out on the ice.

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