Over the last few decades we have seen the idea of elaborate Holiday light displays really take off.  In fact, some typically seasonal businesses have started doing these displays to extend their operating season.

More recent, though, is the idea of doing non-Christmas (non-Holiday) light displays.  Or, more accurately, light shows that focus on holidays that are not normally associated with lights.  Halloween, for example.

This is the case with a small farm on the Maine / New Hampshire border.

Sandy Hill Farm, which is located in the small Maine town of Eliot has, for the last few years, been presenting what they call their Folklore Fall Light Series.  Each year, the displays have had a different theme.  In 2020, the theme was "Folklore Fall".  In 2021 the theme was "The Magical World of Bugs".

For 2022, the light display has gone out of this world!  It's called "Out of This World" and it is all about UFOs and alien visitors.  Based on the pictures we have seen, it kind of looks like stepping into an episode of that old FOX TV series The X-Files.  You almost expect to see Mulder and Scully step out of the mist.

A description of the attraction on the farm website says, in part:

Friendly visitors have crash landed and they are ready to......PARTY!  If we show them a great time, they will take us on a trip around the solar system, through the Earth and warp speed from galaxy to galaxy.  Tighten up your Kuiper Belt, this 3/4 of an Earth mile trail will abduct your mind and unleash your imagination to cosmic proportions!

The attraction runs now through October 29th.  Based on the website, it appears the event runs Wednesday through Sundays.  Tickets for ages 4 and up (3 and under are free) are $11.00 (plus a $2 booking fee).

Get more information and directions to the farm on the farm's Facebook page

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