Now, I'm not putting down any specific business.  But, I'm sure you've see a plaque hanging in a local business around your town stating 'Best of the Best insert business for insert year'.  When I see this, I ask myself 'who is voting for these, because I was never asked.'

After digging a bit, I see that the 'Best of Surveys' are just a marketing scheme put on by a company called Market Surveys of America.  Whoever created this business is really the one who deserves Best of the Best because they are making BANK!  Here's what they do:

  • Imagine if I owned a nail business and called it 'Tacky'.
  • Market Surveys of America might reach out to me and ask me to share their survey and encourage my friends/clients to VOTE for me.  You see, 'Tacky' isn't actually on the would need to find the category 'Best Nail Salon' and then add my name.  Each voter would follow the exact same steps
  • Once the polls close.  Market Surveys of America reach out to the business that won a specific category.  If you own Butcher Funeral Home, you might even realize that when one of my clients voted for me, they put you on the list.  So NOT everybody knows they've been voted for.  When they contact you, they tell you Congratulations and that you can purchase a plaque for approx. $300.
  • Bing Bang Boom!  They have your $300 and even with ONE vote (because the community doesn't really know about these surveys so voting was limited and really is more like a popularity vote depending on the amount of Facebook friends you have) I am Best of the Best in the Augusta Area with 'Tacky'.

I'm not saying that the businesses who have received...I mean purchased...these awards are not worthy of them.  Central Maine is held together by a GREAT group of local businesses.

If displaying a Best of award, that you DIDN'T,  have to pay for is something you'd like to your local Chamber of Commerce.

But, in case I'm waaaaaaaaaaay off base here.  Let's see how things turn out for 2018.  Voting is now open.  CLICK  HERE TO VOTE

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