Ever heard of Swimply?

If you haven't you're not alone.  Until last week, neither had I.

Well, maybe you've heard AirBnb or VRBO? You know, the websites where you can rent condos and homes for a single night or an extended stay. Many travelers agree that Air BnB and VRBO have been the game-changer for finding vacation rentals that aren't your typical hotel or bed and breakfast.

But did you know that there is a website where you can rent swimming pools just like you can homes? Need to throw a pool party but don't have a pool? Swimply can help you out! That's right, Swimply is the hot new site that will keep you and your family cool on a sunny day.

How do you use Swimply? All you do is research the area in which you want to rent a pool, and it will give you a list of availability.

Not surprisingly, there are far more options to choose from if you live the more populated places in the United States. However, if you are local to Central Maine, there is one option.

Listed as "The Sweet Spot", this pool is located in Lewiston.  If you're local to Central Maine, there is a pool in Lewiston that you can rent by the hour.  It costs $50 per hour and they charge an additional $5 per guests over 10 guests.  There is also a maximum of 40 guests allowed.

The pool is described as:

Located in town, hidden away from the worries of the world you will find "the sweet spot". A place where you can getaway and make memories with your kids, friends, family, and more. This is where you go to host parties, entertain or simply relax. This large inground pool area will not disappoint!

Find it on Swimply HERE


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