According to a press release from the Kennebec Water District, a DO NOT DRINK order has been put into effect for parts of Waterville.

The order seems to be limited to Elm Street and Main Street in Waterville.

As we understand it, the order is due to firefighter foam contamination.  The contamination reportedly happened when firefighters were fighting at Monday morning structure fire at 60 Elm Street in Waterville.

The press release says, in part:

Kennebec Water District staff are at various locations flushing the contamination out of the system. This Do not Drink Order will remain in place until water quality tests demonstrate the water is safe to drink.
Kennebec Water District staff have received guidance on testing and flushing from the Maine CDC.
While the firefighting foam is biodegradable and PFAS free, it is not safe for human consumption. Water should not be used for making ice cubes, food preparation, brushing teeth or any other activity involving the consumption of water.

While the water is unsafe for drinking and cooking, it is safe to use for bathing and washing.

It also explains that if you get unusual foaming in your water, you should let it run for 15 to 20 minutes.  If you continue to see foaming after that, you should call 207.872.2763

While they are currently in the process of flushing the water system, the order will remain in place until it is lifted.

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