Several listeners have reached out, some with DOT plow experience, indicating it appears the wing plow in the video may actually be malfunctioning. And, due to it's hard-to-see location from the truck mirrors, the driver may not have known what was happening.

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If you have spent much time on social media recently, there is a good chance that you have seen someone post about how their mailbox was whacked by a plow.  Occasionally, it is a private plow company that takes out these mailboxes, but more often than not, it is a town or state plow that mows down the mailboxes.

Recently, we even wrote an article that provided Mainers with some mailbox installation tips.  The hope, of course, was that people install their mailboxes in a way that would limit the chances that a plow would take out your mailbox.

It looks like these people DID NOT get that memo.  But, it also does not look like the driver made any attempt to avoid smacking EVERY... SINGLE... MAILBOX along the way!

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In all fairness, for the most part, we can't really see how narrow the road is.  Near the end of the video, you do get a split second view of the other side of the road (as the driver tries to wave the TikToker on.  For all we know, it could be SUPER narrow.

Regardless, the video is hilarious and it is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.  Why?  Because, it's not your mailbox being moved over.

We're not entirely sure where this video was recorded, but based on some Google Maps searches, it could possibly be West Paris, Maine.

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