For most skiers and boarders, there are few things more terrifying than the idea of being caught in an avalanche.  We're not talking about a little bit of snow sliding down the mountain, we're talking about a full on avalanche.

That's exactly what happened to a skier and a boarder doing some back country skiing and boarding on Mountain Washington's Tuckerman Ravine.

According to News Center Maine, RJ Phipps was out for a hike with his wife that morning and just happened to be in the right place at the right time to catch the event on video.  Hearing what sounded like a roaring freight train, they looked up to see tons of snow and ice sliding down the bowl.

According to Phipps, within a few minutes of arriving at the ravine, they had a front row seat to the avalanche.  Fortunately, the snowboarder was only partially buried in the snow and was able to "self rescue".

A clip of the video Phipps shot is included in the following interview video:

The article goes on to explain that Jeff Fongemie, director of the Mount Washington Avalanche Center, reminds people that the avalanche center website has daily avalanche forecasts.  He explains that they have a forecast warning for each day there is snow on Mount Washington.

While there is some cell service in the area so, if needed, you could call 911 for help, the experts recommend you keep and eye on the avalanche forecast and prepare accordingly.

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Of course, if you want to entirely avoid avalanches, you could just go tubing...

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