A Waterville business is looking for the public's help in getting back a series of stolen dresses.

According to a post in the What's Up Waterville Facebook group, the owners of Waterville Florist and Formal Wear recently had a shipment of dresses stolen.  Based on what was said in the post, it appears that the dresses were delivered to the wrong address.  A person at that address, despite knowing where the package was addressed to, took the dresses.  That person then decided to sell the dresses.

That person reportedly sold a number, if not all, of the dresses for $100 each, despite the fact the the dresses were valued at much more than that.

The post goes on to explain that:

We have been in contact with UPS, our designer who hand made & shipped them along with the police. Sadly even in 6-8 months when we might get the amount back that we paid, we are still are taking a heavy hit. Anyone understanding business knows excatly what we mean.This dress shop was built on a dream with lots of sweat, tears, long hours and life savings to get this up, running and available to the people in and surrounding our community. This loss hits very hard and we are asking for your help.

In an attempt to get the dresses back, the owners of the shop are now imploring anyone who purchased the dresses to come forward.  Ashley Ann Ferris says that anyone who returns the dress will remain anonymous, will not face any legal repercussions, will get the $100 they paid for the dress back, and will get a $500 in-store credit to Waterville Florist and Formal Wear.

If you are one of the people who purchased one of these dresses or you know anything that can help the owners of the store, you can call 207.872.7422

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