Even though the Maine real estate market has cooled off from where it was in 2020 and 2021, there are still a lot of transactions taking place every month.  If you keep an eye on the Maine real estate websites, you know that they are loaded with listings for homes in all sizes and price ranges.

With these sites being flooded with new listings each day, how do realtors make sure their listings aren't getting lost?

One realtor from the Topsham area has found a clever way to pick up a few clicks on one of his listings.

Recently, Tim Dunham posted a real "fixer-upper".

The home at 52 Mallett Drive in Topsham has just over 1,100 square feet of space.  The single story home has three bedrooms, one bathroom, a fireplace, and even a single car garage.

On top of that, it is located in a very convenient spot.  It is only a few minutes away from the Topsham Fair Mall, numerous restaurants, and the I-95.

The home is reasonably priced at $250,000.  Why?  Because it needs quite a bit of work before it is ready to move into.  Fortunately, it's nothing major.  First, it needs to be cleaned out.  From the pictures on the listing (see below), it appears that nearly every room is filled with stuff left behind by the previous residents.  Once it is cleaned out, it could probably benefit from a deep cleaning and some paint, superficial repairs, and minor renovations.

The listing explains that, with some love, the home could easily be worth $400,000 in today's housing market.

Tim Dunham Realty
Tim Dunham Realty

What clever trick did the realtor use to attract attention to his listing?

So, what was it that Tim Dunham of Tim Dunham Realty did to encourage people to click on his listing?  All he did was take a photo of a Porsche parked in front of the house and make sure it was the lead photo on the listing.

Tim Dunham Realty
Tim Dunham Realty

The trick worked on me.  As a person who compulsively scrolls through real estate websites, I am looking for really unique homes.  I am looking for either super expensive homes or homes with really unique features.  While this house would make a nice family home, there is nothing remarkable about it.  If it weren't for the expensive sports car parked out front, I never would have clicked into it.

Interested in purchasing the place?  Scroll down for more pictures and details.

52 Mallett Drive, Topsham, Maine

The single-family home encompasses just over 1,100 square feet and has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a small garage. As of December 2023, the list price is $250,000. Learn more HERE

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