Quinn, as we all know is from San Diego, which is home to many concerts throughout the year due to the perfect weather. Every year his old station hosts a country show that includes 2 up and coming acts and 2 well known acts for their own small one day festival. Before he was on air at the station he was part of the promotions staff, working these events and that is where he humiliated himself in front of future ACM New Female Vocalist, Lauren Alaina.


It was 2015 and he was working his very first show that the station put on. Back stage he was at the lunch buffet they had set up for the workers and performers. When he noticed next to him was an attractive girl around his age that he did not recognize. Side note, he did not know much about Lauren Alaina, he knew she was on American Idol, but when she was on, he had stopped watching the show. He and the girl were chatting about the food and the conversations when something like this:

Quinn: Oh, where are my manners. I'm Quinn by the way.

Lauren: Hi, I'm Lauren

Quinn: What a coincidence, Lauren is the name of one of the people performing today.

Every person on the planet: *FACEPALM*

As you can probably surmise, the conversation did not last much longer after that....

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