Aside from the absolute worst name for a football league in the history of football, the Alliance of American Football is the newest way for Americans to enjoy football when the NFL and college is not on. The AAF is essentially the new Arena Football League. There's no huge name players on it, but the action is good, the camera work is impressive, and the games are rougher. No longer is the focus on protecting the quarterback like in the NFL, if a lineman has the opportunity to lay the quarterback out, he's gonna do it, as seen in the video below.

The announcing is done by top of the line play by play announcers, and it's on CBS, a major network. Ratings are going well too. The opening game went up against the NBA which was on ABC and actually won in the ratings.

There are 8 teams in the AAF right now across 2 conferences:

Eastern Conference:

  • Atlanta Legends.
  • Birmingham Iron.
  • Memphis Express
  • Orlando Apollos.

Western Conference:

  • Arizona Hotshots.
  • San Antonio Commanders.
  • Salt Lake Stallions.
  • San Diego Fleet.

The inaugural season will last 10 regular season games over 10 weeks with Playoffs consisting of four teams, the top two teams from each conference

BUT there are some differences to the way the NFL plays, so if you watch the game you should not expect to see the same exact game. Here are some on field changes.

-There are no extra point kicks allowed teams must attempt a two point conversion after a touchdown.

-There are no kickoffs either, possession at the start of each half, and after scores, begin on a team's own 25-yard line.

-In the event of a tie at the end of regulation, each team will begin on their opponent's 10-yard line and be given one possession (four downs) to score.

-Officiating has a ninth member, called a sky judge, an off-the-field official who reviews every play using technology like a booth review.

Tickets for the games are actually relatively cheap as well, $35 sideline seats AND cheap food as well.

Keep your eyes on CBS for the next AAF game!


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