Another Fight Breaks Out at Chuck E. Cheese
It happened again at Chuck E. Cheese. In South Florida an argument between two women broke-out into a brawl. Adults punching, kicking and pulling hair as their kids ran for cover. Nice way to show kids how to be an ‘adult’. Lucky for us, a bystander caught it all on video...
Things You Won't See In Today's Playgrounds
When I was growing up in Auburn, we would often go to Pettingill Park and spend hours upon hours in the public playground. This past weekend, I went to a local playground with my friend and his young son and it dawned on my how much they have changed.
See What Andy Capwell Found At The Dollar Store
It's another 'Dollar Store Discovery' and it brings back some childhood memories. I have to thank Jon, the manager at Cumberland Farms in Augusta, he gave me the tip of these garbage pail kids stickers at the Dollar Store and I think I bought the final three packs!
Throwback Thursday: Games & Toys You Used To Love
I love Throwback Thursday! Last Thursday, I posted about back to school shopping at stores that are no longer around. Wow, did you add a lot of stores to that list. This time around, I am doing a post on games that I used to love when I was a kid.

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