Even though, in recent years, we have seen our Central Maine downtowns bounce back, we still have a lot of empty storefronts, factory spaces, and office spaces.

There are several reasons for this.  The pandemic, of course, did a number on certain types of businesses.  Restaurants and some types of stores, for example.

Because the State of Maine is less than friendly to small businesses (we could argue about this for hours), there are fewer residents with that entrepreneurial fire.

And, overall, the world is changing.  A lot of smaller retailers have been overtaken by big box stores and by the ability to have nearly anything you want to be shipped directly to your home.

That being said, there is plenty of opportunity for the right types of businesses in Central Maine.  Specialty stores offering the kind of service that you cannot get from an online retailer, entertainment venues, and specialty restaurants, for example.

If you have always had the desire to open your own business, and you think you have a great idea, check out these available commercial real estate locations.  One of them could be perfect for your next business venture.

9 Available Central Maine Commercial Spaces That Could Be Perfect For Your Next Biz

In the years leading up to the pandemic, Augusta (and the rest of Central Maine) was seeing a massive revitalization. It seemed like every few weeks, we were hearing about a new restaurant, store, or other business. That process did continue, at a slower pace, during the pandemic. Now that things are getting back to normal, we want to know what you'd like to see in these spaces. Take a look and then message us through Facebook or our app.

What do you think?  Do any of the above fit your needs and budget?

What other retail or commercial spaces need to be on our list?  Let us know by sending us a message through our radio station app.

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