On Tuesday morning, a woman in Litchfield was out for a walk in her yard when she spotted something moving.  As she got closer, she realized something was slowly craaawwwwlllliinnngg across her yard!

At first, it looked like a snake.  But, as she got closer, she realized that the "snake" was made up of thousands of small creatures.  What was it?

Take a look at the video...

According to the Bangor Daily News, it is what is known as a sciarid snake.  Basically, it is a mass of hundreds or thousands of fungus gnat larvae.  As they migrate, they travel in a very tight formation, giving the appearance that they are one organism.

When the larvae hatch, they feed off fungus in the soil.  However, if too many hatch in the same area, the migrate (as a large group) to find more food.

While there is no concrete reason why they travel like this, it is believed by some that it is for protection.

The experts say seeing one of these "snakes" is a rare occurrence.

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