I think it's safe to say Maine has it's fair share of crabs. Some good like the Jonah and the smaller Rock Crab which is also known as the Peekytoe Crab, kind of a catchy name  thought up by Rod Mitchell, the owner of Browne Trading Company in Portland, back in the 1990's.

You see up until the name was changed this crab was thrown away, it was a by-product catch by lobsterman, sure they may take some home and have it picked for their family but there was never this commercial market before that fancy name change, As a matter of fact, now big named chefs around the world seek this delicacy out.

Maine Peekytoe Crabs

Unlike pickin' lobster, picking' crab requires some skill, some finesse, and much attention to detail. The tools may be primitive with a nut cracker, and a pick of some kind....I've even used a carpenters nail before. The crab meat sticks to the cartilage more that the lobster claws, and it is very easy to overlook shards of shells. It is a labor of love, or hunger, but I seem to nibble along the way, that locks me in, some for the bowl, some for me

There is just something about the sweetness and texture that I love. And apparently, I am not alone. At some local seafood stores you can usually snag some frozen for about $26/lb picked. Some places are charging $48/lb. Not me, I like to go the old fashioned route...get ahold of my fishing buddies, get a bucket of crabs, a few friends, beers, and get to pickin'

Truly just one more reason I love calling Maine home!

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