Today's storm is BIG. Nor' Easters like this one can knock out power, slow travel to a stand-still, and even strand people for days. Coastal Maine is looking at anywhere from 8-14 inches of snow.

Today's storm got us thinking... what's Maine's all-time snowfall record?

As it turns out, finding that answer isn't really as easy as it might seem.

According to the National Weather Service, a Maine weather station's 10 day snowfall record was 37.5 inches in Eastport Maine (Feb 2013), and the CoCoRaHS observer had 76.0 in 10 days. In fact, in looking at all the COOP or official NWS stations in the state of Maine, the most any station has gotten in 10 days is 71.0 inches at Ripogenus Dam around the turn of 1962 and 1963.

71 inches of snow in 10 days?! That's 6 feet of snow!

And bonus points if you know where Ripogenus Dam is. We had to look that one up too: