With Easter comes Easter candy.

If you're worried about your diet during the holiday, here are some of the candies that nutrition expert with nbcnews.com says are o.k. to eat in moderation.

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs: When the first ingredient isn't sugar that's a good sign. There are only 90 calories and 8 grams of sugar per serving.

Tootsie Easter Egg Shaped Pops: These have 60 calories and the second lowest amount of sugar at 10 grams. The nutritionist says since the lollipop will longer to finish it's going to be more satisfying.

Russel Stover Coconut Cream Egg: This comes is single portions which is good. Calories are 120 per serving and the grams of sugar is 16.

Cadbury Creme Egg: The calories and the sugar are higher than the two previous eggs but still good enough to be in the top half of the list.

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Easter Kisses: You get a good bang for buck considering you get seven for 160 calories. The down side is there is 8 grams of sugar in just one serving.

Peeps: These have absolutely no nutritional value. One serving size is 4 peeps and comes in at 110 calories and 26 grams of sugar.

M&M's Milk Chocolate Eggs: These have a high amount of sugar at 27 grams per quarter cup serving. Peanut M&M's are better than plan because the have less chocolate around the nut.

Lindt Milk Chocolate Gold Bunny: 220 calories and 22 grams of sugar be serving size which is on 'one third' of the bunny. This is one they say is better to share rather than eat the whole thing by yourself.

Jelly Beans: This is what the say is the worst Easter candy with 250 calories and a whopping 53 grams of sugar. If your eating these, cut down the number you eat and take your time doing so.

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