During the Morning Buzz, we took phone calls and talked to listeners who answered this question 'What's the most used phrase heard in your house?'  We got some pretty hysterical responses.  A few we can all relate to.  Some off the wall answers, too.  McCoy said for his house it's 'turn the lights off'.

For me, I'm so sick and tired of the 'Guess what?  Chicken butt'.  It is so overused in my house that I'm ready to issue punishments to anyone who says it.  I go on a rampage in public if I hear anyone say 'guess what?'  Poor stranger has no idea what set me off.

Here are some other responses we got this morning:

What's for dinner?

Shut the door!

Get your hands out of your pants

Pick up your trash

I swear it's like talking to a wall

Did you wash your hands?

Mum, Mom, Mummy, Ma

What's that smell?

Go ask mom


Stop picking on your sister

Can't you just get along


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