I'm the "new girl" here at Townsquare Media in Augusta. I am thrilled to be here and everyone has been so incredibly welcoming and kind. From the hours of 10am-3pm I'm on the air in the Beehive studio.  I drop my daughter off at school and schlep my way in with all of my stuff.

I've never mastered the art of packing light, even on a daily basis, so as I move through the building, you might find me in the conference room, the kitchen or an empty studio with my spread of bags and laptop, headset and purse.

I quite literally look like a transient moving through the building.  Now whether this was bringing down the morale of the crew or the powers that be were afraid I was going to take up residence, I'm not quite sure but, over the weekend, a conversation was had "where do we put her?"

The bullpen where the other jocks call home is full.  There are no empty offices and so here I am, minus a red stapler, in the control room/storage area in the back of the building.

I have at least two dozen mason jar mugs, a box of frisbees, some t-shirts, Poland Spring water by the case, 250 plastic cups from the sister station Capital 95.9 in case anyone has a keg they want to drop off, lots of wires and flashing lights and...SWEET LORD, A BAD OF SKITTLES.  THE GODS ARE SMILING ON ME AFTER ALL!


Tour my new space with me by clicking HERE.


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