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Today is ‘Cyber Monday,’ a big online shopping day. You would think women will be burning-up the internet today trying to get a great deal, but its men that spend more on ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday.’

According to a survey by Mindshare North America, men plan on spending approximately 69% more money than women on those two days. It found that men are more likely than women to know what they’ll spend. 68% of men who plan on shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday have a specific budget in mind, versus 55% of women.


According to the survey, men anticipate that they’ll spend $417, while women plan on spending an average of $247. A high percentage of men (70%) think they will find a better deal in-store than online as compared to 51% of women.

On factor in the male spending is what men will buy. The survey found that men are three times more likely to purchase big-ticket items, like automobiles, auto parts and electronics. Women are more likely to purchase clothing.


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