If you are traveling to Massachusetts in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for a new billboard promoting "whale safe" lobster.

According to the KJ, a Maine non-profit group called Mainers Guarding Right Whales has launched a new ad campaign aimed at informing the public about the the danger they claim that lobstering poses to right whales.

The group's goal is to get a "whale safe" lobster designation in the State of Maine.  Basically, purchasers of lobster with that designation would know, for certain, that no whales had been harmed in the trapping of that lobster.

Barbara Skapa, founder and executive director of Mainers Guarding Right Whales, said in a statement:

We believe if we can educate and inform travelers about the near extinction of right whales and the cause, they will take action and help protect the whales

The billboards urge people to text the word SAFE to 72345 to get more information about their cause.

While the North Atlantic Right Whale is extremely endangered, Maine lobstermen contend they are not the ones responsible for the disappearance of the whales.  Of the 12 right whales killed in the United States' waters in recent years, ten were due to hits from ships.  However, none of those ship strikes were made by lobster boats.

The cost for the two billboard was $3,750. The billboard will run for two weeks facing the northbound traffic on Route 1.  Then, it will run for two weeks along the I-95.

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