Students at Gilbert Elementary School in Augusta are joining students from across the state by participating in the Winter Kids Program.

In the school's Winter Kids Games, part of the larger Winter Kids program, students will spend the next four weeks participating in different challenges.  They'll get points for each challenge the complete.  The scores will be tracked, and they'll be competing against other elementary schools across the state.

On Monday, Augusta Mayor O’Brien stopped by the school for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  While there, he spoke to the kids about the importance of playing outdoors and how small things matter.

Gilbert School
Gilbert School

Lauren Dow, one of the school's teachers said of the program:

The students formed a “bee” shape with their bodies this morning because a bee symbolizes that small things can make great things happen. We will have different challenges all month long. All challenges earn points. We compete against other schools in Maine. We came in 4th place last year and this year we are going for gold!

The Winter Kids website explains that they are the only non-profit in Maine dedicated to increase outdoor physical activity during the winter months.  Since its inception in 2010, over 300,000 Mainers have been impacted by the program.

In addition to the Winter Kids Games, the program offers deals to families who want to participate in winter activities like skiing and ice skating.  Sometimes, families can even participate in the activities for free.

You can learn more about what the amazing program has to offer on their website.

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