Even though most of us get our weather from our favorite weather app or the trusted meteorologists at our favorite local TV stations, we need to remember that dozens of amateur meteorologists are also modeling the weather.  These lovers of weather come from all four corners of our country, and even though they are amateurs, many are really skilled at making long-range forecasts.

In many cases, they use the same tools as our well-known TV meteorologists.  However, instead of appearing on the morning and evening newscasts, these men and women post their weather reports on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

On Christmas Eve, the Direct Weather Youtube channel, which is operated by the man behind a consulting firm called Prestige Weather, posted a forecast showing that New England is in for a nasty start to 2024.

In the video, he shows us two scenarios for a major winter storm in early January 2024.  In both cases, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts will get slammed.  Both of the current forecasts calls for the storm to roll into New England on January 3 or 4.  The forecasts also call for much of New England to get between 12” and 20” of snow.

On the coast, as is often the case, we are likely to see a nasty mix of precipitation.

In addition to the storm, Direct Weather is predicting a cold snap for New England in early 2024.  The video seems to indicate that Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts will likely face temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees below normal.


Clearly, we are still over a week away from this potential storm.  So, there is a chance the weather could change significantly between now and then.

The following video gives a more in-depth breakdown of what we could see the first week of 2024.

The man behind this Youtube channel also operates a company called Prestige Weather.  Basically, it is a weather consulting firm.  The provide tailored weather forecasts for construction companies, aviation companies, people hosting outdoor events, and more.

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