Chad and I love to play games against each other. Except with Carrum, because I CAN'T WIN!!  But I digress....

I'm just as hooked as everyone else when it comes to my smartphone. I have 3 games that I have downloaded.  Scramble, Hanging With Friends and Words With Friends.

But has anyone else noticed the similiarities?

Words With Friends is Scrabble!  And I don't mind that. It's fun and it makes you think. I like thinking games! But the last straw was the game I saw on the shelf at the department store.

Really? A Words With Friends board game? It's SCRABBLE! For Pete's Sake! It's SCRABBLE! I remember I asked Chad to play the Scrabble boardgame a few months ago. It didn't happen but we play Words With Friends. Huh?

There are a few people I play against that I KNOW use a website or an app to get words to use. I can't do it. I can't cheat. I know they do it but I don't mind? I have more fun knowing I came up with them on my own. AND it feels good to come up with a big word out of the blue!

I am NOT buying the Words With Friends boardgame. Maybe I'll break out the Scrabble game and see what happens.