Yet another drug store robbery in Augusta. Around 11:00 am Saturday, Nov. 17 a man with a painted face walked into the 'CVS Pharmacy' on Capitol Street and robbed the store of painkillers. According to the Augusta Police Department, no weapon was displayed but there was some sort of threat made. The robber was given some pain meds.

A K-9 unit was used to track the accused to a parking lot, where the Augusta P.D. believe he got into a vehicle. The robber is described as about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, white, wearing a black sweatshirt, black hat, face paint and gloves. The gloves were of a camouflage design.

The same pharmacy was robbed in May.

If you have any information please call the Augusta Police Department at 626-2370.

There seems to be at least one drug store robbery a week, if not more. The actual numbers aren't that high, but the regularity sure gives the impression. There have been 18 drug store robberies in Maine this year, nine of the robberies have been at 'Rite Aids'. The most recent at a 'Rite Aid' was an armed robbery Wednesday night, Nov. 14 at the corner of Union and Fourteenth streets in Bangor. The same pharmacy was robbed nine days earlier by a man who said he had a bomb.

According to the Sun/Journal:

Other national pharmacy chains — 'CVS' with five and 'Walgreens' with one — also have been robbed this year in Maine. 'Three Community Pharmacy' locations have been hit. Pharmacy robberies in Maine, which were virtually nonexistent several years ago, have increased dramatically from just two reported in 2008 to 24 last year.