There really is something special about 50s-themed diners.  Even though 99% of the diners we have today were not open in the 1950s or early 1960s, they still make you feel like you're stepping back in time.  You almost expect the Fonze to walk through the door and start the jukebox with a well-place smack.  Right?

Well, here's your chance to own your own 50s diner.

According to Buy Biz Sell, the iconic Ricky's Diner on Route 302 in Bridgton, Maine is for sale.

The listing says, in part:

This is an iconic Diner on the Main Street of a beautiful small town in the Lakes Region of Maine. It is a favorite place among locals and tourists for over 20+ years with great reviews (over 4 stars on google). This establishment seats 40+ inside and 8 outside. The current menu offers breakfast all day and lunch along with the best fried chicken in town since 2021.

As I spent about a decade living just across the border (in New Hampshire) from the diner, my family made frequent stops there on our way to and from the Portland area.  The food was always great, with big portions, and cheap prices.  The restaurant was always a winner and could continue to be a winner under the new owner.

One of the great parts about the business is that, as a 50s diner, you get the benefit of attracting both locals and the hundreds of thousands of tourists that travel through the area.  It really is a four season tourist area.  Typical tourist families in the summer, leaf peepers in the fall, and skiers / boarders in the winter.

The current list price is $100,000.  Get all the details HERE

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