American Idol is down to the top ten. The person cut tonight will miss the summer tour with the American Idol top ten. So, were there surprises? I think so, here's what happened.Harry Connick Jr. performs two new songs, 'One Fine Thing' and 'Come By Me'

Jennifer Lopez 'Tastemaker' choice is 'Mali Music', with kind of a gospel, hip-hop sound, and it was pretty good.

We also got a clip of Jennifer Lopez's new video for 'I Love You Papi', no it's not about David Ortiz.

Down to the eliminations: The bottom three were Sam, Ben and Majesty. None of them have been in the bottom three before. That means we'll have to endure M.K. and Mayala for another week, ugh!

It's Ben that has to sing for his life, say it ain't so! As Ben is singing for the save, it looked like the judges weren't even paying attention and they don't use the save.

The theme for next week will be Songs in the Top Ten sung by the Top Ten. The contestants can sing a song in the billboard top ten between 2010 and today.

Here's the video of the two songs that Harry Connick Jr. sang last night!