It's not really rocket science...but it IS science!

I was at Lux Salon in Hallowell getting my hair done by Olivia when we started talking about wedding plans and flowers.

I want colored daisies and Nathan said "You can do that at home". I can? How?

I looked it up online and discovered something fun for Anderson and me to do!

We went to the store and bought one bundle of white daisies and couldn't wait to get home.

I'm all for easy things that entertain kids and this was THAT easy. We filled styrofoam cups with warm water. We added food coloring to each cup to color the water. I cut the stems at an extreme angle under the water so air wouldn't get into them. We placed a flower in each cup and waited.

It usually takes about 24 hours for the daisies to change color but the blue one changed right away! They all have a ways to go but it was great watching Anderson want to check them every 10 minutes and see the smile and wonder on his face as they all started to change just a little.

Just another quick and easy tip from one mom to another. Hope you can enjoy this with your kids!