We did a Brainbuster on the Morning Buzz this morning about top sitcoms in the 80’s (you can see the question and answers here b985.fm). It started me thinking about popular sitcoms of the 90’s and which were the most watched. So here is a list of some in the top twenty and the complete list of the top 10.


One show that had a wacky premise but was a funny show and comes in at #20 is ‘Third Rock From the Sun’. Aliens from another planet trying to adapt to being earthlings made it funny.


At #18 was ‘Ellen’, before her popular talk show she starred in this sitcom and created a big controversy in 1997 when her character came out of the closet.


#17 is Everybody Loves Raymond, which I thought should be higher on the list because this show was ‘always’ laugh out loud funny.


The top 10:

10. 'Family Matters' with Steve Urkel. His character was supposed to be a one time show but was so popular he became the star of show.


9. 'Step by Step' was a 90’s version of The Brady Bunch.


8. 'Roseanne', a show that related to average middle class families. Sarcastic parents and pain in the butt teens.


7. 'The Nanny' starring Fran Dresher. It took five seasons for the romance on the show to blossom into a marriage proposal from her boss Mr. Sheffield.


6. 'Seinfeld', a show that was recently named the best sitcom of all time.


5. 'Home Improvement' with Tim Allen as the host of a home improvement show called Tool Time. His next door neighbor, Wilson, never showed his entire face.


4. 'Growing Pain' which made a star of Michael J. Fox. This show had a long run starting in the 80’s and ending in 1992.


3. 'Full House' with the Tanner's and twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Sort of a cheesy sitcom but loved by many.


2. 'Boy Meet World' seems high on the list but make note Disney just shot a sequel in 2014 called 'Girl Meets World'.


1. 'Friends' which broke many television records during its run and continues today to be very popular in syndication.