This is TERRIBLE news!!

You know how much I love music!! I can't live without it!

And now kids might be denied the opportunity to play an instrument or develop their brains with the gift of the knowledge of music!

How many studies keep repeating the same information: MUSIC HELPS CHILDREN IN MATH and READING! I know I learned how to add and subtract fractions thanks to my music classes!

Eliminating elementary band would save about $103,000. All students at the elementary schools would still have music class once a week, but fifth and sixth graders would no longer be pulled from class for instrumental lessons and band practice.

There has been a Facebook group started called 'Save City of Augusta's 5 & 6 Grade Band' to show support for the children who will be missing out on something they really enjoy.

I TRULY hope something can be done to save the music program. They deserve to have the option of music in their school!