OK. It has been almost a year of tests and treatments and cancer stuff. WELL, we just learned that Patrick, my boyfriend, is now CANCER FREE!  He is not cured. Only a bone marrow transplant would do that, but with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma treatment can kick it back and keep it in check. SO, to the Harold Alfond Center For Cancer Care staff, thank you for all you did for Patrick and for me. Perfect time to talk about centers Cancer Survivors Day on Sept 13th!!!  

Deb Bowden from the HACCC was here to talk to me about the event. Sounds like ALOT of fun.Opening ceremony at 1 pm and then tours, info, screening and fun at your own pace. This is what Deb has planned for Saturday, September 13 from 1 pm to 5 pm.

The Harold Alfond Center For Cancer Care's Inspiration For Life is a day of celebration, education and networking. It is a free event for anyone whose life and been touched by cancer. Visit with vendors offering free screenings, education, sampling of resources and more. FMI: 626-4858