PEZ Candy Dispensers
PEZ candy dispensers have been around since 1927, first starting as a breath mint for smokers. When Austrian inventor Edward Haas brought the idea to America, he made a couple of key changes. In 1952 he made PEZ a candy to appeal to children, and it worked.
Beards on the Decline, Clean Shaven on the Upswing
According to a new study men’s beards seem to come and go in popularity, depending on how popular beards are. Sounds confusing, but not really. As beards become popular it means more men have beards, as more and more men have beards, it’s not considered rare anymore, …
Willie Marconi the Best in Billiards
Willie Marconi was considered one the greatest billiards players of all time. In my opinion he was the greatest. Willie passed away in 1980 after suffering a stroke. His best game came on April 17, 1956 against Jimmy Moore in Kinston, North Carolina. In that game Marconi sank 150 balls in a row, a p…
Disney’s It’s a Small World Turns 50
April 22nd will be the 50th anniversary of the iconic (and sometimes nerve wracking) song, It’s a Small World. The song was first introduced during the 1964 World’s Fair in New York as Walt Disney was introducing the ride.
Looking Back on 2004 ACM Awards Show
Now that the 2014 ACM awards show is over I thought it would be cool to look back on the ACM show that took place 10 years ago. It was held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas where this year some acts were performing. The show was hosted by Reba McEntire which was her third year as host.
700 Year Old Community Toilet Found
One of the biggest archeology digs in Denmark has uncovered something archaeologists sort of stumbled on, 700 year old latrines that are in excellent shape. Such good shape the poo still smells as bad as ever.
Miniseries Scheduled for Landing on the Moon
The Science Channel and Discovery Channel have teamed up for a global competition and have turned it into a miniseries. The top prize is $30 million dollars if you can be the first to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon.
Most Famous Lines in Movies History
The new Captain America is opening this weekend and is expected to be a box office smash pulling in $90 million for its opening weekend. While thinking of movies I remembered reading last week the #40 greatest lines in a movie was from Forest Gump.
Three Gorges Dam the Largest in the World
The largest dam in the world is The Three Gorges Dam in Hubei Provence, China. It covers more than a mile and stands 50 stories high and holds back more than five trillion gallons of water. It’s the largest hydroelectric dam in the world but came at cost to people and Chinese histori…

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