The final brands of Hostess have been sold after a U.S.Bankruptcy Court judge in New York approved two deals. McKee Foods, who make Little Debbie snack cakes, is buying the Drakes Cakes for $27.5 million dollars. That means Devil Dogs, Ring Dings, Yankee Doodles are coming back!The other deal saw United States Bakery buying Sweetheart, Eddy's, Standish Farms, Emilie's bread brands, along with four bakeries and fourteen depots for $30.9 million.

Flower Foods had earlier bought Wonder Bread and Nature's Own along with three other bread brands for $360 million.

Apollo Global Management Group and Metropoulous and Company bought the Hostess cakes brands, Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and other for $410 million. That group looks to have those cakes in stores this summer.

The fate of the Biddeford Hostess plant and it's nearly 500 workers is still uncertain.