I am a simple man, the littlest things make me happy. Such is the case when the news that Twinkies and all of the Hostess snack cakes were coming back to the store shelves. The big return was on July 15th and my search for a box of Twinkies began during my vacation one week later.Talk about a tough item to find! I checked all of the local supermarkets and they were either sold out or had not been stocked yet. I just some of the local dollar stores, drug stores and no luck!

Finally last night, I went to the grocery store after the gym, to pick up a few things and I saw them on the shelves! A box of Twinkies right in front of me! I almost let out a little yelp in excitement!

It took all my willpower not to open the box before I put the groceries away when I got home.

Twinkies are back and yes, they are as good as I remembered!

Have you try any of the 'new' Hostess snacks? What do you think of them?