Bright lights! Big city! Big chance! Was this Chad Hood's big day?

Hood, from Clinton, Maine, was chosen to compete on Community Auditions Star of the Day being filmed at the Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut on Sunday.  He would be up against two very talented performers. Was he up for the challenge?

He sure was! It was a long day. He had to be there by 8am. Checking in with Tina, the coordinator, he found out he was on the very first show that should have started taping at 10:30am. However, due to technical difficulties, didn't start until 12:30. They were taping 6 shows that day.

They had professional hair stylists and make up artists for all the contestants. Well, he didn't need the hair stylist but he did get the star treatment in the makeup chair. "You can shine on the stage with your voice but not with your face," said the makeup artist.

He was able to pratcice his song '5-1-5-0' by Dierks Bentley with the house band who did an incredible job! Then it was time to take the stage.

The first two contestants, both 17-year old girls, one from New Hampshire and one from Massachusetts, had strong, unique voices. The first sang Carly Rae Jepson's 'Call Me Maybe' and the second sang The Jackson Five's 'Who's Lovin' You'. Hood's strategy was to go out and have fun, interact with the crowd, the band and the judges and sing well.

That's exactly what he did!

The three judges had nothing but positive things to say. The first judge said "You were smart to pick a song the judge loves! You did it justice!" The second judge said "I couldn't hear you very well. The band sort of drowned you out but from what I did hear, it was very good!" The third judge said "Your name is Chad, right? Well, Chad, you are going to get a lot of women! You are a real man! It takes a real man to sing that song!"

And the winner is:

Brianna, the first young lady. Awww....but he had a great attitude and congratulated the winner. On his way out the door many people stopped to tell him how well he did! All in all it was a great experience.

To see his performance, check out Community Auditions on your local channel on October 26 and 27th. You'll agree he did a fantastic job!

To see Chad and his band,  Cold Blue Steel, LIVE check out their Reverbnation site and find them near you!