All of you know that Chad and I LOVE Thompson Square! The song 'Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not' is OUR song. We've sung it together at home, at gigs and, heck, he proposed to me with the song! Even bought me the book for my birthday!

They are a fantastic duo. You should have seen us watching the CMA Award Show when it came time for Duo of the Year. When they mentioned Thompson Square as a nominee, Chad threw his hands in the air and and said "YES!" Unfortunately, they didn't win.

We practice in our home a lot: New songs, old songs, duets, originals. And we love doing it together! So when we just sang this song for fun, we had no idea that they would actually see us perform it!

Chad posted the video on YouTube just for fun. On a whim, he said "Why don't you send it to them? They could use a good laugh."

Who knew they would actually WATCH IT!! When they responded, it happened while Andy and I were broadcasting during the Morning Buzz this morning. It was so exciting! I called Chad right away and he said "Really? Send them the one where I asked you to marry me!"

So I did!

Twitter is a very good communication tool. It's a way for the stars to stay connected with fans in a very personal way but still keep their privacy. If you would like to follow ME on Twitter I am @SharonBDixonRd.

Here are the videos in case you would like to watch them!