There is a Jamaican bobsled team and they are in Russia for the Sochi Olympics. That’s the good news for the team; the bad news is none of their equipment made it with them. Their sled is there but the blades were left by the airline in New York.

Their first practice was to be on Wednesday but their luggage, runners for the two man sled and sliding gear, are missing so they were unable to practice. Helmets and sliding suits are also back in New York.

The last time the Jamaican bobsled team qualified for the Olympics was in 2002 and this time they barely raised the money needed to make the trip, so they have no money to spend to buy new equipment. They are hoping their missing stuff arrives in time for them to run in the qualifying rounds.

Most in the Olympic village know of the problem and most bobsledders have extra equipment and have offered to come forward and help. No matter what happens, the Jamaican bobsled team said they will stick to their motto…’We Always Keep Smiling’.