The blizzard of 2013 is one that they'll be talking about for many years to come. It set record snowfall amount in several New England communities, including Portland, which saw 31.9 inches. Blizzard conditions lasted through late Friday night into much of Saturday. Now the cleanup.I live in a mobile home community. I looked out my window late Saturday afternoon and decided that I am going to at least shovel a path to my car and a path to my kerosene tank at the back of my mobile home. It took me a few minutes just to open my front door, which snowed had drifted to above the door knob! After, squeezing out of the front door, I shoveled the steps and was thinking twice about calling it quit! I managed to shovel a path to my car and a path to the kerosene tank. The snow had let up, but the wind was still blowing strongly, it took me close to an hour to finish just that.

But when the times are hard in Maine, neighbors help neighbors. A friend of mine who I met at the gym, mentioned that he is in charge of maintaining a mobile home park just up the road from where I live. He offered to come and plow my driveway out for me. He said he could come Sunday morning around 9, so I went out and shoveled the driveway just wide enough to get my car out of the driveway. My friend, Justin Soule and his Dad arrived, and in less than five minutes, they had cleaned my driveway. A job that would have taken me at least a couple of hours!

I noticed that one of my neighbors hadn't had her driveway plowed out yet, so I took my shovel and made a path to her front door. She was very thankful and told me someone was on their way to take care of her driveway.

I am sure there are so many stories like mine about Maine neighbors helping Maine neighbors. That is why I am so proud to have born and raised in Maine.

I do have a bone to pick with a certain groundhog!

I'd love to hear some of your stories of neighbors helping neighbors.