Ok, Miley Cyrus...I think we've had just about enough of your influence.

This 7th grader 'twerked' at her school dance. Mom found out and now she's being punished.

In a unique way.

Frances Hena of Bakerfield, California, decided to punish her daughter by having her hold a sign at the corner of a busy intersection saying "I was disrespecting my parents by twerking at a school dance."

Her daughter, Jamie, is 11. Her mom said it is inappropriate. Her daughter can do whatever she wants when she turns 18 but, until then, she is going to take a more active role in her daughter's school and keep a more watchful eye on her. She also took away her daughter's Ipod, where she learned how to twerk.

I think her daughter will think twice about doing anything she might try to get away with from now on. Good for you, Mom!