A 58 year old man from Oregon decided to buy a tank, sounded like a good idea, getting the 50 ton battle tank home was a little more difficult than he thought it would be.  The tank, a Chieftain built in 1969, was transported by a tractor trailer, but when the trailer couldn’t make it up the hill to the man’s home, the driver dropped it off at a turnout along the highway. No problem, let’s just start the tank and drive it up. Wrong!

The owner’s caretaker decide to drive the tank up the hill, so he started it up and the tank promptly slipped of gear and rolled back across the busy highway crashing through a guardrail. So, he gave it another try and the same thing happened only this time it crashed through a guardrail and down an embankment.

The tank in fine but the driver was cited for reckless driving and criminal mischief, the problem he says was the tank didn’t come with an owner’s manual.