Summer arrived last Saturday and we will be enjoying a sunny and warm first full weekend in Maine this weekend. That leads us to our Question Of The Day: What is your favorite season in Maine?

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Is it the summer? Summer in Maine with sunshine until 8 p.m., barbecues, time at camp, trips to the beach, boating, fishing. I know it's my favorite time of year!


Autumn? Autumn in Maine is magical, the colors, the crispness in the air, apples, cider, hayrides, football. It's hard to beat autumn in

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Winter? If you love to play in the snow, Maine is a great state to live in. Everything from skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing. The downside is that it gets dark so early, cold weather, and it costs a lot for heat.


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Spring? The ray of hope after a long winter (especially this winter!) baseball, picnics, hiking, mud season. Spring in Maine was be everything from an extended winter to an instant summer!