In Carson City, Nevada, Walter Samasko Jr. was known as a recluse. The 69 year old Samasko lived in the same house since the 1960’s and according to neighbors was quiet and not a problem. He never got out much and his neighbors knew little about him. His mother lived with him until her death in 1992 but never seemed to have any other relatives.  Samasko was found dead in his home in late June about month after his death and was thought to have only $200 in the bank, and he did, what he had in his home was the real treasure.

He died of heart problems and left no will and had no apparent relatives and nobody had a clue he was hoarding gold. Gold bars and coins valued at $7 million. Gold coins from Mexico, England and Australia that had been minted as early as the 1840’s. When the house was being cleaned for sale the gold was discovered in the garage stored away in boxes. There were so many coins a wheelbarrow was need to move them from the house. Samasko hadn’t worked since 1968 but was living off investment from stock accounts of $25,000 and $140,000.

By not leaving a will and not identifying a next of kin authorities had to do a little detective work to see if the $7 million in gold belonged to someone. When his mother died in 1992 a list was kept of guests and a first cousin was found, Arlene Magdanz from San Rafael, California. She had not talk to Samasko for about a year and had no clue there was a fortune in his home. Since she is the closest living relative she inherits the ‘seven million, two hundred dollars’. Her first reaction was shock with a bunch of ‘Oh, my Gods.’ Since then she says she has no plans, for now, to spend her newly found inheritance.