Oh boy!  They sure are cute.  I'm less then 24 hours into this and I'm already thinking 'now what?'  We live in the country and got the ducks to help eat the grubs and worms we have around our yard.  They get into our pool (by the hundreds) everyday and I'm hoping the duckies will help minimize those yucky grubby things.  Yes, I know the ducks can't get in the pool...and they won't be able to because it's fenced in.  

We have a chicken coop and fenced in area for them outdoors, but they have to be inside for a couple weeks.  They are totes adorbs and poop A LOT!  It's going to be an experience for sure!

Meet Boober, Beaker, Sheldon, Howard, Chicken & Potato

They LOVE to take a bath