Everyone knows when I leave the studio at B98.5, I head home for lunch and it's off then to my second job. I work at Kennebec Behavioral Health as a Managed Care Coordinator Assistant.

My job is to call insurance companies to verify insurances on clients and obtain authorizations for them if they are needed. We want to make sure the clients are covered and services are paid for.

And I LOVE my job...but what frustrates me are the operators on the other end of the line...from overseas.

I realize that many insurance companies have moved their call centers to other parts of the world including India and the Philippines to save money. It DOES make me mad! It drives me CRAZY!! But it's not the operator's fault. I don't take it out on them.

But I think the last straw was yesterday.

Let me enlighten you.

When I called an insurance company as I usually do, I was connected with a woman named 'Mary'. Having called these insurance companies as often as I do...I KNEW her real name wasn't 'Mary'.

She was asking me the standard questions: 'Name and birthdate of the client', Tax ID number, address of the facility.

But then she asked me "What is your facility address?" I said answered "Waterville, Maine."

THEN she asked "What state is that in?" I answered Maine. "A state of Maine?" she asked.

"Yes, Maine is a state." I replied.

"A state of Maine?" she asks again.

"The state of MAINE."

"Thank you." she says. And she then continues on like nothing happened.

Maybe it's just me but it is SO FRUSTRATING! I miss speaking to someone who, while you were waiting, you could ask "Where am I calling?" and they would reply their state and you could ask them about the weather or the score of their sports team.

I miss talking to people in the Good Ol' USA.