Taking a look at 2013 and some of the ‘buzz words’ that became popular with pop culture. Every year a few new words seem to come to the forefront according to events of the year. This year one of those words was ‘Thanksgivukkah’. This word was used to describe the alignment of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah starting on the same date, November 28th.

Other ‘buzz words’ this year included ‘emoji’. This word describes the little digital images, or silly icons, used by texters.

‘Whistleblower’ was the ‘buzz word’ to talk about Edward Snowden who blew the whistle of the federal government for spying on the public and foreign government officials.

‘Catfishing’, a word that started at the beginning of the year to describe football player Manti Teo’s imaginary girlfriend. This word makes a comeback from 2010 when it was used describing a person using a false identity for an online relationship.

A word that became part of pop culture late in the year is ‘twerk’, the hip thrusting dance done by Miley Cyrus during the MTV Video Music Awards.

‘Selfie’ was another popular word in the world of smart phones and tablets. It’s all about taking a self-portrait using a cell phone and then sharing it on social networking sites. It’s all about ‘self’.

The top word for 2013 goes to ‘binge-watch’, it watching entire episodes of a T.V. show or movie box sets all at one time. It’s watching episode after episode instead of waiting for the more traditional  weekly installments on T.V.