Is it possible we have bad posture when going to the bathroom? According to the makers of Squatty Potty, yes! The creator, Robert Edwards, says the straining that sitting causes is not healthy; we should be squatting because of the benefits it presents.

Squatting, Edwards says, can prevent colon disease, end hemorrhoids and offer other health benefits. His device fits around the base of a toilet and makes it easier to squat, using the theory that humans are better suited to squat than sit.

A study was done in Israel in 2003 asking subjects to try three different positions: sitting on a 16 inch high toilet, sitting on a 12 inch high toilet and squatting over a plastic container. While sitting, the subjects moved their bowels in 130 seconds, but while squatting, they were able to do their business in 51 seconds and found the experience easier.

So far 10,000 Squatty Pottys have been sold.