I’m getting ready to pick my brackets for the NCAA championship and it is tough this year. Normally there is a team that sticks out as a favorite to win it all, but this year too many of the top teams have lost games they should have won. Throughout the year when a team reached the #1 position in the pools, they lost that week. Indiana was able to hang on to the top spot for 4 weeks in a row but they eventually fell.

Gonzaga finished as the #1 team in the rankings at the end of the year and are the top seed in the west, but the ‘Zags’ don’t play in a strong division and it’s hard seeing them going all the way. I can see Gonzaga making to the elite eight, but I think that’s as far as they’ll get. Louisville is the #1 seed overall, and I do like them, but they have lost games they should have won and couldn’t hold on to the top spot.

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